Health Update: Still in remission and feeling great

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It has been a few months since I have given a health update after beginning my Cancer Sabbatical.

Just to give a recap, visit I’m living with a rare blood cancer called Multiple Myeloma. From February to November 2013, I was on my 4th chemo treatment called Velcade, where I had weekly in-hospital injections, in addition to a variety of other pills taken to supplement my chemo treatment. You can read the background on my diagnosis and previous treatments on earlier blogposts in 2012 and 2014. You can also follow me on twitter.

I am feeling great and enjoying life. I have had blood tests every 5 weeks and my cancer levels are still low and I’m happy to report that I’m still in remission. I feel so alive every day, focused on extending my “between chemo periods” life as long as possible. I have enjoyed chatting with people around Vancouver, taking photos, and just stopping and reflecting on how amazing life is.

Here are my cancer levels from Nov (end of chemo) until last month:

Protein Lab Results (g/L)
Date Beta Globulin II Gamma Globulin igG igA igM
Reference Range 1.8 – 4.8 5.1 – 15.0 6.7 – 15.2 .70 – 4.00 .40 – 2.30
May 3.5 7.3 9.2 .33 .26
Apr 2.8 7.0 9.2 .28 .23
Mar 2.8 7.0 8.9 .31 .33
Feb 2.8 6.4 7.7 .24 .38
Jan 3.0 6.2 7.5 .17 .33
Nov 3.5 5.1 7.1 .14 .10
Hematology Profile
Date WBC Hemoglobin Platelet Count Neutrophils
Reference Range 4.0 – 11.0 135 – 170 150 – 400 2.0 – 8.0
May 3.2 138 294 1.5
Apr 2.3 137 243 0.9
Mar 2.0 135 211 0.8
Feb 2.0 132 208 0.9
Jan 1.9 124 217 0.7
Nov 2.2 118 220 1.1

I’m continuing to use photography as therapy for health and healing. Photography is keeping my cancer levels low and helping extend my remission period. Here are some photos taken over the last couple of months.

Granville Island mailboxes

Cyclist on Fraser River bike path

Lonsdale Quay Market – North Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver

If anyone would like to help me in some way, don’t hesitate to contact me ( or @tyfn) on twitter. You could provide advice (e.g. good books to read or share names of those that inspire you), financial support (e.g. help with photography expenses or sponsorship to attend a health care event), or social interaction (e.g. go on a photowalk adventure with me).

Let’s be friends!

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From December 2019 I've been on Darzalex (daratumumab) IV chemo with Velcade (Bortezomib) injection chemo + dexamethasone. Have Multiple Myeloma + anemia, a rare incurable cancer of the immune system. Life goal: To spread awareness about Multiple Myeloma through my self-portraits. UBC MSc Grad.
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