Velcade Chemo Treatment Cycle 5 Week 3: In Photos

more about on Flickr”>Chemo lowered my cancer levels again!Lower cancer levels!

July Cancer Levels: 8.2 igG (Protein levels)

My new cancer numbers are in from my July blood test and once again they are lower! Recall they were 62.2 in Feb (pre-treatment), viagra 19.0 in March, pill and 11.8 in May. I’m pretty happy, it means that the chemo treatment, which has been really mentally and physically draining is working. It has been an extremely tough road living with cancer, much worse than I ever expected. It truly has changed my life in so many ways.

This last year has definitely been the most difficult of my life and it is sad that it just continues to get worse. That said, I am focused on remaining positive that my life will get better soon.

BC Cancer AgencyBC Cancer Agency

This week I finished Cycle 5 Week 3. Each week I take dexamethasone (steroid) (10 pills) and cyclophosphamide (chemotherapy) (increased to 13 pills). As this is my 23rd week in total, the pills are shaped into a 23. Daily I take a baby aspirin to minimise the likelihood of a stroke and Valtrex (Valacyclovir) to reduce the chance of an infection.

Velcade Chemo Treatment: Cycle 5, Week 3Week 23 treatment

To recap, I am living with Multiple Myeloma (blood cancer). Since February 2013, I have been on my 4th chemo treatment called Velcade, which are weekly in-hospital injections, in addition to a variety of other pills I take to supplement my chemo treatment. You can read the background on my diagnosis and previous treatments on my blog.

Velcade Chemo Injections Treatment for Multiple MyelomaVelcade injections

Last Friday I had my Velcade chemo injections injected into the left side of my stomach as it was Week 3. The process was quick and painless and I was happy when it was over as I really don’t like needles. I always look away.

I took this self-portrait during Summer 2012. You can view my self-portrait project on flickr.

Isten Hozott - WelcomeWelcome

You can view photos of my treatment experience here.

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From December 2019 I've been on Darzalex (daratumumab) IV chemo with Velcade (Bortezomib) injection chemo + dexamethasone. Have Multiple Myeloma + anemia, a rare incurable cancer of the immune system. Life goal: To spread awareness about Multiple Myeloma through my self-portraits. UBC MSc Grad.
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