When UBC went dark: The great blackout of 2012

Early this morning I was sitting in my room working away on my laptop when everything went dark. It was a strange feeling and as I processed the situation a variety of thoughts came into my mind – “Where did my wifi go?” “How long until my power comes back?” “Why didn’t I have a flashlight?” “Where are my keys?” “Didn’t I see this scene on Revolution?” “I’m hungry”. I quickly realised that this was a moment not to be missed.

After venturing out to assess the situation and briefly chatting with students studying by emergency lighting, website like this I decided to grab my camera. It was a bit chilly as light flurries were falling and as I didn’t have a toque, find I wasn’t able to get as many photos as I would have liked before power was restored. However, I was able to capture that moment when the lights came back on.

Main Mall - UBC Blackout 2012Main Mall

UBC Blackout 2012 UBC Emergency vehicle

UBC Blackout 2012
UBC Flagpole plaza

UBC Blackout 2012
Let there by light

Blackout Flickr set here.

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