Cancer Specialist appointment: Good news and bad news

Yesterday I had my cancer specialist appointment. It was scheduled because I had completed 2 cycles (5 weeks each) of my Velcade chemo treatment. My chemo levels have lowered due to my treatment, but I will need to have radiation on the T7 vertebrae of my thoracic spine as there are multiple myeloma cells there that are causing havoc. These MM cells were responsible for the severe back/side pain I had over 4 weeks in February and March that kept me mostly bed-ridden.

Overall I’m staying positive, using my photography to help keep my mind off my cancer, and focused on remaining happy.

About tyfn

I'm a former UBC PhD student that recently (Feb - Nov 2013) completed Velcade chemo treatment for my Multiple Myeloma, a rare blood cancer. I have been cancer-free since. To focus on my health, I'm taking a break from UBC. I enjoy capturing my everyday environment through photos and use photography as part of my healing process. This is the forum I will use to discuss photography and provide education and awareness about cancer and related health information.
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