Today’s self-portrait story: Believing in my vision

Sheltered from the rain

Today around 4:30pm I left my place. I had about 30-35 minutes before sunset and it was already cloudy and begin to lightly rain. I knew the photo I wanted for my daily photo on flickr. This is unusual. Usually I just wander around campus looking for a place and then figure out what type of photo I would create there. Today was different. I was going to label the photo – “Taking shelter from the rain”. I don’t have an umbrella or raingear for my camera so I needed to find a spot where I could shelter from the rain. I found an area of trees in the Pacific Spirit Park that felt right.

They were protecting me and my camera and I knew that this was going to be the place for me to have some fun (before the light disappeared). I found a branch on the ground that would be a cool prop and took some pictures with single-point focusing using my self-timer. However the focus just wasn’t working, it was keeping the closer branches in focus, while the background (and me) was blurry.

As it got darker, I up’ed my ISO, lowered my aperture and rearranged my camera positioning. I took my coat and lay it against the tree and took some test photos. I wanted to sure where my face would be so that I could focus there. I took about 8 different shots and hoped that everything worked out, because it was getting too dark to try again. I looked through the photos and was happy with the result.

It is days like this, that I love taking creative self-portraits!

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One Response to Today’s self-portrait story: Believing in my vision

  1. Kevin says:

    A beautifull photo my compliments!

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